Brands We Sell

A visit to Drum & Strum harkens back to the days when independent music stores were a place where you could feel at home with people you could trust. Stepping away from over-produced and mass marketed items that you would find in a box store or online. 

That being said, we wanted to highlight the main brands that we sell and walk through why a certain brand might fit your musical needs. As always please stop by our shop and talk with one of our staff to locate the perfect instrument.

Eastman Guitars

As an accomplished flutist from Beijing, Qian Ni founded Eastman Strings in 1992 after graduating from the Boston University School of Music. Qian never imagined that over the course of 25 years, his company would grow from a small business operated out of the back of his car into a global maker of musical instruments. Today, Eastman has quickly moved to the front with all the instruments they build. Eastman Guitars, Mandolins, Wind and Violin Family instruments are all handmade by an incredible team of master builders with years of experience combining fine quality wood, materials, and incredible attention to detail, producing world class professional instruments at a price musicians can afford.